CAFI Arizona

For over Eighteen years, CAFI Arizona has been working with many Arizona Companies in need of short term financing solutions.

The credit challenges that small businesses are faced with and the Fed oversight continues to impact local banks and lending institutions.  Business owners have to become more resourceful in obtaining working capital to cover payroll and material needs.

Opening an office in Arizona Eighteen years ago was critical to assist the growing needs of small business in the area.

CAFI Arizona ​​Team

Frank M. Bashore President

Ralph Gonzales

Ralph “Gonz” Gonzales has been working in the small business and diversity arena since 1997.  After a distinguished military career spanning 20 years and having earned a degree in Business Management, Gonz has worked as an intense and successful advocate for minority and woman-owned businesses. Gonz educated and recruited minority and woman-owned businesses to compete for city, county, state and federally-funded projects. By advising these small diverse businesses on how to apply for minority certifications at every level, how to organize and effectively run their business, and how to effectively compete for government contracts, Gonz helped in leveling the playing field for minority and woman-owned businesses. Gonz was recruited by the Arizona Department of Transportation in 2001 where he assisted the USDOT in designing a modern, workable Supportive Services Program that is utilized by all the DOT’s in the United States. Gonz brought national recognition to the AZDOT by working hard to having the AZ DBE Supportive Services Program named as the USDOT Pilot Supportive Services Program in 2004.

Upon leaving ADOT in 2009, Gonz took up his current position at Capital Active Funding-Arizona, Inc. (CAFI Arizona), as Arizona Business Development. In a different and more effective way, Gonz is still working to ensure that businesses are able to compete on a level playing field and get the “real” and necessary financial assistance to accomplish their goals.

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