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Do You Need Money for Your Next Project?

We offer financing services to Construction and Service companies in Texas and Arizona

Are you a creditworthy company that can’t qualify for traditional lending? Have the banks made it hard for you to compete and win government contracts? CAFI is here to get you back on track. We provide construction lending services with offices in Texas and Arizona. You can count on us to get your business the financing it needs to grow without creating debt on your balance sheet.

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How our program works

When you turn to CAFI for financing you can expect a smooth and seamless process. First, your company is awarded a government construction or services contract. We then approve you for funding and you go to work. When your invoice is approved, we advance you up to 80% of your invoice. When payment is made, usually 30-40 days later, the payment comes directly to us. This is where we earn our service fee. We forward you the balance, less the 80% advance and our service fee.

CAFI Funding

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Creditworthy company can’t qualify for traditional lending
  • Banks consider them credit-challenged
  • They don’t have earnings, equity, or collateral to qualify
  • Without capital or cash flow, business suffers
  • Harder to compete and win government contracts

CAFI Can Help

CAFI can get your business the financing you need to grow without creating debt on your balance sheet.

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