How our program works

When you turn to CAFI for financing you can expect a smooth and seamless process. First, your company is awarded a government construction or services contract. We then approve you for funding and you go to work. When your invoice is approved, we advance you up to 80% of your invoice. When payment is made, usually 30-40 days later, the payment comes directly to us. This is where we earn our service fee. We forward you the balance, less the 80% advance and our service fee.

CAFI Funding

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Creditworthy Company Can't Qualify for Traditional Lending
  • Banks consider them credit-challenged
  • They don't have earnings, equity or collateral to qualify
  • Without capital or cash flow business suffers
  • Harder to compete and win government contracts

CAFI Can Help
CAFI can get your business the financing you need to grow without creating debt on your balance sheet.